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Related post: Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 14:00:33 -0500 From: lola sex movies fsw99 Subject: lola nudes Chapter 38 of One Big Happy FamilyLegal Notice: The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. The story is a work of fiction and has no basis in reality.Don't read this story if: **You're not 18 or over,**If it is illegal to read this type of material where you live,**Or if you don't want to read about gay/bi people in love or having sex.The author retains copyright to this story. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. Legal action will be taken against violators.E-mail responses to the stories, story suggestions 14 y.o. nude lola or other 'constructive' comments or advice may be sent to me at Chapter Thirty Eight(Mark's turn at writing)"Matt, where are we, did you lost your way around AGAIN?" Mike said to Matt, while they were looking for Mark's house in Beverly Hills."Stop that Mike, I know where we are," lola top Matt said, looking sideways at Mike."Oh, you do huh! Why is it the third time I see these gates on the corner then?" Mike asked, bored with Matt's navigational skills."Well, if you gave me the right directions from that map you are looking at, we might get there faster," Matt said."Fine, well aarggghhhh, this isn't easy, why does Mark live in such a fancy place? Would you look at lola paysite these houses. God, some of them are bigger than hotels," Mike said to Matt."Look at that one up there, it is awesome," Matt asian lola porno tgp said."Hey, take that road going up there, that's the one we need," Mike said to Matt, who had to make a fast turn to the left and then go up the hills.Finally, they got to the gates and Matt and Mike looked at each other. "Where is the house, we only see those gates and the road going up." Matt said. "Don't know, but we found it, look at those initials on the gates. They sure nude asian lola are the right ones. Now, phone the house, and let's go up there," Mike said, looking around and seeing three security cameras watching them at the gates.They were granted access and started going up the winding lolas kids sex road. After a little while they saw the gardens getting more and more complicated around them. "This place looks huge. The gardens are so fancy around this place. Don't lose us, lola asia sex we'll end up in a nude lola pics maze," lola sex 16 Mike said dark lola girl pics kiddingly to Matt, who laughed along with him. They saw more security cameras along their way with some reflectors and what they guessed to be weight and heat sensitive sensors. The garden was now very ornate and organized. They got up the last hills and turned to their left and what they saw surprise them."Mike, would you look at this!!!!!!" Matt said to Mike, who was bugeyed, with his mouth wide open. They were facing a huge three story house that looked like a Grecian palace with white columns, with two huge wings lola i am fool on it's sides. The main house and both wings where lined by a row of white columns supporting the roof lines. They reached the door behind a majestic fountain, at least 20 feet high with water cascading down, in it's circular driveway. "Mike this nude kids lola guestbook house is so big, remind me never to invite lola girls nude photo them over our place," Matt said, looking at Mike.Before they could park their mini-van, a man dressed in what looked like a Tuxedo started walking toward them, accompanied by four maids in their uniforms. "God, did we forget a dress code in here or what?" Mike exclaimed to himself."Welcome to the Ericson Residence, my lola nude toons pics name is Arthur, may I ask who between you two is Master Matthew and Master Michael?" the man who they gallary yo lola now knew to be the butler said to them, expecting them to follow them right away.Matt was surprised but answered him, "I'm Matt and this is Mike.""Very good Sirs, these maids will take care of your luggage. Leave the keys, a driver will take care of parking your car for you. Please follow me to your suite in your wing," he told them, almost ordering them."Yes Sir" they both said, half smiling to themselves."Did he say our wing?" Matt asked, and Mike replied "Sure did." When they entered the main hallway, they both stopped mid-step, looking at the three huge chandeliers suspended sex lola picks from the three story high entrance hall. They had to continue pretty fast to follow the butler, afraid to get lost in this house. The floor was mainly in dark green marble tones with some accent in light green and white. They were looking at niches and pedestals and all over the walls, between rows of white marbles columns, sculptures in different tones of marbles or in bronze, work of art from master painters. Picasso, Manet, Monet, Degas, Van Goth, and Chagall greeted them. After going up the spiral staircase, they also passed a very lola sexfree hallway full of painted portraits. "They must be Mark's ancestors," Mike said, when they saw Mark painted in a tuxedo and cape on one of them standing next to a good looking women dressed in a evening gown and jewels. "Oh, it's his parents," Mike said. After a few hallways and detours, they made it to a set of double doors and the butler opened them, showing them in."Mike, did you leave a trail of bread crumbs to find our way back out of here?" Matt whispered to Mike. The butler waited for them to get in their suite, not closing the doors, and started to show them around. They were following him, glancing at each other in surprise at it's size and commodities given to them."This is the terrace off your study so you can relax while reading," the butler told them."Welcome to this house to both of you. I will leave you alone, the maids just arrived and will put your clothes away for you. Will you need help with your clothes for dinner tonight, Sirs? Your valet will be here in a few minutes to help you with them," the butler told them, and they both were too surprised to really understand what he was saying to them. "Will you need help with your clothes for dinner tonight, Sirs?" Mike snapped out of it faster than Matt did. "What? Er, no we can dress ourselves, don't worry," Mike said, giggling. "No, Master Michael, I mean for your valet to prepare them for you for tonight." "Oh, right. No we'll manage on our own, thanks," Mike said, looking at Matt with mischief in his eyes.The butler left after giving them both a security card with their respective names on them. "You will need this to access parts of the house, make sure to carry this with you at all times," he told them as he was leaving, closing the doors behind him."GOD, what is this place?" Matt exclaimed to himself."What's up with Master this and that and calling us lola darkcollection Sir all the time," Mike asked, slightly amused by this."I don't know. It sounds cool, don't you think?" Matt replied."Yeah, but make me feel so free porn lolas weird." Mike said.Mike went looking around and was trying to find his way in what look liked their own private house. Matt heard a knock on the doors and went to open it. Before he did, Mark walked in. Matt saw Mark was dressed in casual clothes, which looked tailored for him. His pants lola hardcore naked picks were off white, made in pure linen, and not a crease showed. "He must have put them on just before he entered this room", Matt thought. His shirt was off white in pure silk with lots of small details in the way it was sewn together. He also was wearing a few ornate pieces of jewelry. It was not exactly the kind of casual outfit Matt and Mike wore at home."Hi Matt, glad to see you found your way here," Mark said, while grabbing Matt to hug him tight against him, kissing Matt's lips softly. He took Matt's hand in his and didn't let go, "Where is Mike?""Hello Mark. He must kinder lola porno photo be lost somewhere in this place. I haven't a clue where he is right now," Matt said, smiling at Mark. "Mike get your ass in here," Matt said louder. Mark took hold of Matt's small waist, holding him tight in a friendly way."I hope you didn't have problems finding your way up lola nude erotic star to here?" Mark asked Matt."No it was easy with top sexlola Mike losing us all over town with his directions all mixed up," Matt said laughing."Who was driving? It wasn't me," Mike said, free pics lola appearing from the terrace off the living room. Mark let go of Matt's waist and walked toward Mike to hug him a warm welcome too. He gave a small kiss on Mike's lips and took hold of his right hand, walking toward Matt."So you guys like our small place?" Mark asked, kidding them. "Yeah, it's so small we couldn't find ukraine bald hairless lola our ways out if we euro lolas didn't have a map. This place rocks, Mark," Mike said smiling."Hehehe You'll get use to that pretty soon, you'll see," Mark said to them. "Alex should get here in a russia lola tgp few minutes to see you guys, taboo lola pics too.""Cool" said Mike."Do these people around you always call you Master or Sir?" Matt asked Mark."Yes, always, were they disrespectful to you?" Mark asked, concerned."Oh no, they weren't, we just think it's weird, that's all," Matt replied."You'll get use to this, don't worry. Ok sweetie?" Mark said, winking at Matt and Mike.Just as Mark was taking them to the terrace off their study to sit and talk, a knock was heard from their doors. "That must be Alex," Matt said. But it was their assigned valet, Alan, greeting them shy lola and saying he would be at their disposal for the weekend. Their valet started looking at their clothes and trying to find clothes suitable for them to wear for dinner."Let"s go sit. I'm overwhelmed by all of this, Mark," Matt said to both of them."I agree with that. Can we have something to drink? We're thirsty," Mike asked."Sure, right away. Alan, please fix us something refreshing to drink, no alcohol at this time, please. Thanks," Mark said. Matt and Mike looked at each other and wondered if Mark ever got something on his own.They sat on the terrace in comfortable lounge chairs with umbrellas and tables all over. Their terrace lola top 100 xxx was overlooking the sides gardens they asian lola tgp were enjoying themselves. From where they were, they could see through the branches part of others secluded corners of the gardens."How big is this place? We don't seem to see the end of it." Matt asked."A few acres and this is not the biggest one in our family. Keith's place is bigger." Mark answered."Neat!" Mike said, looking at Matt with wonder in his eyes."I'm sorry to interrupt Master Markus, security just called. Master Alexander Jr. is on his way," Alan told them."Great, Alan, will you ask the cook to prepare us a light snack, with another round of drinks? Thanks," Mark said lola guestbook calmly. Matt looked gymnast lolas at Mike, thinking in his head was Alan listening to them, or just doing his duty."Your name is Markus and Alexander is Jr. too?" Matt said looking at Mark."Yes, but everyone calls me Mark, and Alexander is just Alex," Mark replied."Ok, hope we don't need to be that formal when your parents are around," Mike said."Gees, nope you don't, we are not that formal between ourselves," Mark replied.They continue to chatter and talk for a little while.Alex entered and walked lola luv porn toward them sitting on the terrace, and went greet them, too. "Hi guys. What, I don't get hugs and kisses after all this time?" Alex asked, kidding them.They hugged and kissed each other, with Alex holding Mike's hand longer than usual, and sat back on the longue chaises, talking and getting to know each other a lot more.Alex was dressed similar to Mark in impeccable taste, not a crease on his strawberry colored pure silk pants and shirt, shoes matching of course, with the same details on the top that the pocket of his shirt had on it. His long, shoulder length blonde hair perfectly in place around his head, he looked angelic."Now that we are all here, we should get more comfortable, don't you think, Alex?" Mark said sex lola boys to them and to Alex with a wink."That sounds good. It's so warm sex lola kid today, let's get undressed then," Alex answered him.Matt and Mike were surprised. "Huh. What do you mean, get undressed?" Matt said, with a big grin on his face."You know what we mean. It's small tiny lola gallery warm and let's get comfy, we're all friends here," Alex replied.Alex and Mark get up and start to undress themselves. Matt and Mike were looking at them and start to get up themselves, but then remember Alan presence in their suite. "You guys are going to get naked? That valet won't mind?"Both Mark and Alex start laughing and just hairless lola continue undressing, "Yeah, completely naked and no he won't. He knows all about us, don't worry." Matt and Mike start to undress then, still not too sure about this whole thing.When the four of them kidz lola sex were undressed, Matt and Mike were surprised by Mark and Alex's lolas preeten bodies. "You two are hairless like us?" Matt asked them. "Yes we are. Funny, isn't it? Except we are uncut and you guys are cut." Mark said."Will you need sun screen lotion and more drinks, Sirs?" Alan asked, walking from the terrace french doors and pushing a cart with a light snack of fruit and small french pastries. His appearance sent Matt and Mike attempting to hide themselves with their hands. "No, lola nude pictures this will be all. Thanks, Alan. We won't need you until dinnertime. You can go now," Mark said, barely able to hide his laughter at watching Matt and Mike. Matt and Mike didn't notice him, they were too relieved that he finally left."God, this is wild. Do you always have them looking after you like this?" Mike asked."Yes and no. Depends, and if you don't wish to have him around, you just say so and he goes out of here at your request," Mark said to them."Good, nudes lola I was getting worried there. For a minute, I was thinking he would apply the sun screen lotion on us himself," Mike said laughing."They are used to this, and they never talk. Let's enjoy the sun," Mark said.They real lola tgp all enjoy the sun and warmth, resting and getting to know each other. Nothing happened between them before dinner, lola love porn besides Matt and Mike or lola lust porn Mark and Alex looking after each other's needs for sun screen. They had to get dressed for dinner, which for the Ericson family meant a suit and tie. Mark, knowing Matt and Mike wouldn't have the proper suits, had seen about it and they both had suits and ties laid out for them in their dressing room. real lola ls magazine ***************************Matt and Mike were back in their suite, getting ready for dinner with the whole Ericson family except for Keith, who was with Phill at the band's first concert.."Matt, who are those for?" Mike asked, surprised. "For us, I guess," Matt replied. "Yes they are. Master Markus ordered them for you to wear tonight," Alan said, peeking in from the door, and scaring the shit out of both Matt and Mike."Oh! Thanks Alan, we can dress ourselves now," Matt said to Alan, dismissing him promptly. "That valet thing is spooking me. I can't figure this out. lola free tgp It's like a shadow always near us, isn't it?" Mike asked."Sure is weird," Matt answered.Mark had told them to meet them in the family dining room, not the reception dining room. They asked their valet for directions and found it right away on the main floor. They enjoyed their dinner, although a little disoriented from the number of people looking after them. This was not a fancy dinner, Mark and Alex had told them. lola pussy They were pretty sure they didn't want to attend one that was fancy, if this was casual.They met the extended family. They found it funny that their Grand-Dad was married for the third time to a much younger women who looked to be her mid-twenties, and her whole appearance seemed to lolasex be from cosmetic surgery. "Barbie Doll" reincarnated. They later learned this was free lola thumbnail true. She was what Mark and Alex would call the "look good for your money" wife, sort of a gold digger variety, but their Grand-Dad had made sure his holdings were protected from her greedy hands. The old man enjoyed his friends looking at his young wife, in awe of her.They found Mark and Alex's parents to be very nice and kind towards them, treating them with respect. They were surprised to be often lola sex dark included in the family conversations, even offering advice on their goals in life. Over all, they truly felt welcome by this very wealthy family.The meal 14yo nude lola pics was impeccable, served by maids in light yellow uniforms, valets, and the wine master, with the butler looking after everyone's needs. They were stuffed, and when the butler offered for them to go in the library for drinks and more talking, they followed everyone. No one was smoking except one aunt, and Mark and Alex teased her to go outside to smoke, which she did with a huff and a puff on her way out.Later that night, after dinner and drinks with Mark's family, they reflected back on their day so far. Mark's sister was a real chatter box, and seemed so much like the rest of those people they hated, while Mark and Alex seemed more down to earth compared to her. Mark and Alex told them to go to their suite and change into their evening wear, so they did."What's that all about, telling us to go change into our evening wear? GEES, hopefully they don't hope to have us dress in another suit and tie to go back to Mark's suite, do they?" Mike asked, half- annoyed and half-kidding.They got back to their suite after asking a maid for directions (hehehe - sorry guys! We love to kid you, M&M). They saw there on their Californian king size bed, two coordinated silk bathrobes with nothing else. They showered and dressed in those bathrobes, since they had been invited to join Mark and Alex in Mark's suite of rooms to watch some new movie on DVD that he had just bought for their enjoyment."Those are very soft, aren't they Mike?" "Sure are, makes me horny to feel them on my bare skin, too," Mike answered, laughing."Well, don't start that now, we have to walk back to Mark's suite. Wouldn't want to surprise a maid in the hall with your bathrobe falling open, now would we, Mike?" Matt said, kidding Mike."EEEWWWWW, no way!" Mike said laughing."Where are our clothes we left on the floor before our shower?" Matt asked Mike. "Must be that lola kiddy gorl Alan again, he is always somewhere we don't expect him to be," top porno lola Mike replied.They found their way around the house towards Mark's suite, finding where the inside pool was in doing so. "Gees, they even have an inside pool, plus one outside we saw before. What those people own is lola pictures naked unbelievable," Mike commented to Matt. "Sure looks that way, doesn't it?" Matt sexy lola galeries replied.As they were about to knock on Mark's doors, a man they guessed to be Mark's valet opened the door, walking out, greeting them, and startling them again in the process. "I'm sorry to surprise you, Sirs. My name is Dennis. Please go right in, Master Markus is waiting for lola freesex you with Master Alexander in his entertainment room on the mezzanine level far left of his suite. Have a nice evening, Sirs," the man said while closing the doors on them and walking away.Matt and Mike stopped, looking around. "Gees and we thought our suite was nice. Would you look at this one. It's so huge, we could have a party in here and still have room for more," Mike said."Oh yeah! The guys back home will freak when we tell this," Matt replied.They found their ways around by the sound coming from Mark's stereo surround systems. After going up the stairs, they were greeted by Mark and Alex, also dressed in silk bathrobes, sitting on huge causeuses (two seaters) with matching double footrest facing what look like a bigger than life giant screen TV with more smaller TVs all around."Hi guys," Mark and Alex said together, greeting them and getting up to hug and kiss them."Hi guys," Matt and Mike replied, also hugging and kissing them back. "This house is so darn cool, it's lola doll fuck awesome," Mike said. "Thanks, you are welcome here anytime you wish," Mark said."Let's sit and watch this XXX rated movie I just bought on DVD," Mark said."Yeah! It's a good one, you are going to love it." Alex said."I'm sure we will" Matt, and Mike both said, smiling."What size is that monster, by the way?" Mike asked."It's the latest Mitsubishi flat screen, 6 X 9, 2 and a half inches thick TV with 18 smaller TVs all around," Mark replied, nonchalant. "Gees, you guys have everything and more." Matt said."We are used to that and top lola porn it's normal for us, you'll learn to live with it. You'll see," Alex said nonude art lola to them. Matt wondered what Mark meant by this last remark, but was cut off by Mark grabbing his hand and pulling him toward one of the two seaters."Mike, come sit with me," Alex said, while pulling on Mike's hand."I guess this means I sit with you then," Matt said, kidding Mark."Yup." Mark replied.Mark took hold of Matt, wrapping his arms around his waist and getting him closer to him, while watching this hot gay XXX movie. They made comments about the size of these guys equipment, seen so large in close up. Both were laughing hard. Alex was doing something similar with Mike, in their own corner, Alex holding Mike close against him."If you wish, one day we'll show you guys our own homemade movies with the three of us in it," Mark said. "Really? That we would love to see," Matt replied.Matt felt Mark's hand caressing his chest on top of his bathrobe, and felt him kissing the top art lola nude of his head. He felt safe and very comfortable with Mark. From the corner of his eyes he saw Alex and Mike busy kissing each other with passion and lust. Matt felt Mark's fingers reach under his bathrobe and start to gently caresses his left nipple with the tips of his fingers. He bent his head backward slightly and ran his lips over Mark's soft and tender lips. The movie was playing but soon no one was paying much attention to the screen.Matt turned around facing Mark and they were looking at each other eyes deeply. Matt and Mark started kissing each other, slowly, with tenderness and care, discovering each other's bodies with their hands and fingertips. Matt felt his bathrobe being opened slowly by Mark, while they were kissing more and more with passion. They were sexy lola forum gallery sucking, rolling, and playing with their tongues in each other's mouths. Matt opened Mark's bathrobe, pressing their chests together, still kissing. Mark snuck a peak at Alex and Mike and saw they too were involved like they were, and pressed Matt"s body against him stronger. Matt felt Mark's body over his and Mark pulled Matt's bathrobe fully open and then Matt did the same to Mark's.Alex was kissing and nibbling on Mike's chest, running his tongue and mouth all over Mike, while softly caressing Mike's back with his fingertips and hands. Mike had one leg between Alex's legs and one leg on the footrest in front of them. Alex's hands were caressing Mike slowly with small circles on his back. Alex's shoulder length blonde hair fell on Mike's chest, sending chills up his spine."Matt I think nude lolas girls we should move to the bed and ask them to join us, what do you think?" Mark said."Why bother porno lola foto free asking, let's just grab their hands," Matt replied.Mark got up and pulled Matt with him, Matt got his first glance at Mark semi-erect penis and was surprised by its size. He knew what he had felt seems larger that he thought but until lola magic porn now he wasn't sure about it. They took hold of Mike and Alex and pried them apart with some teasing with both of them."Where are we going?" Mike asked. "To my bed, funny guy," Mark replied.They ran to Mark's bedroom and jumped in bed. They were starting to get comfortable and then Matt was the first to talk. "What's happening? Earthquake or something? The bed is moving!""Nope, this bed is on wheels and I press the button for the bed to go outside on the terrace. See lola nude pix the rails there, that's what they are for. Rad, huh? " Mark said."Oh! Gees yeah, you are full of surprises," Mike replied.Alex took hold of Mike and start kissing him slowly down his chest. Mike looked up and saw the stars. The bed was outside on the terrace and the town was lit up far below. "What a contrast with our life," he thought to himself. "Mmmmmmm" Alex was running his tongue over his sensitive right nipple. Alex was playing with his tongue, lips and barely with his teeth on Mike's right nipple, making it hard and pointy. Mike felt Matt's left leg against his right leg and saw Mark nibbling on Matt's left earlobe. Mark's right leg was between Alex's and Mike's legs, their four bodies mingled together.Matt felt his penis getting hard, sliding between his and Mark's stomach. He also felt Mark penis getting fully hard between them and was rather surprised by what seemed to be still growing.Alex was now busy on Mike's left nipple, with Alex's long hair sending shivers down his spine. Mark switched sides on Matt's earlobe and brad lola picture amateur Mike started kissing Matt while Mark and Alex were kissing, nibbling and caressing them. Mark start nibbling his way down on Matt's collarbone and chest. Alex's fingertips free nude lola are running along Mike's sides, Mark's right hand playing in Alex's hair. Matt hands were running along Mark's back, while he was kissing Mike passionately.Alex licks his way down Mike's body, reaching his belly button. He then start nibbling and playing with his tongue inside. Mark lifts lolas fre pics Matt's right arm and start licking his underarm, sending Matt moaning into Mike's mouth. Mark licks and nibbles slowly Matt's underarm and then starts going down his arm, always licking, kissing and nibbling. When he reaches Matt's fingers, he takes them in his mouth and starts sucking them, one by one, gently and slowly.Alex licks his way down to Mike hairless crotch and was carefully avoiding Mike's hard penis, licking his way around and then taking one ball in his mouth. Mark licks and kisses his way back up along Matt's right side and then took Matt's right nipple in his mouth, teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Alex took both balls in his mouth and was tasting Mike's sweet taste, his tongue running along Mike's perineum and blowing gently on his wet balls. Mark placed both his hands on Matt's chest and gently played with both nipples between his fingertips.Mark lowered himself and started to lick his lola free sex galleries way around lower on Matt's tummy and nearer his hairless crotch. He was licking each side of Matt's hard penis, sometimes just barely touching Matt's penis head with the tip of his tongue. Alex moved from there to Mike's ass hole and started rimming Mike's very slowly, circling around the outer ring, pressing slightly with his tongue on it's center. Mark lifted Matt's legs and rested them on his own thighs, then he took Matt's hard penis inside his mouth. Just the head at first, as he started rolling his tongue all around the sensitive head.Mark wet one finger and felt for Matt's ass hole. He then started playing a little by pushing and circling Matt's outer ring. Alex pushes farther and his tongue got inside Mike's, enjoying it's tightness around his tongue. Mark took all of Matt's hard penis in his mouth, playing with his throat muscles to squeeze them around the head, 15 yo lola pics sending Matt moaning. Mike was moaning, too, from Alex's attentions.Alex was driving his tongue as far as he could. His arms were lifting Mike off the bed, resting him on his head, bending him. Matt and Mike's hands were also busy all over themselves, or on Alex or Mark's upper body.Mark took some lubricating gel from inside a drawer in the headboard and lubricated his finger. He then returned to Matt's ass hole and then pushed just a little bit inside. Alex took hold of Mike's waist and lifted him back, so Mike was sitting on Alex's thighs and he lola xxx pussy then nibbles on Mike's right earlobe. Mike turns his head and grabs Alex's face and they kiss with passion and lusts.Mark opened Matt's buns gently and pushed his finger slowly inside, as deep as he could. Playing inside Matt with one finger at first, he sank his finger deep inside Matt and began to touch the edges of forbidden lolas his prostate lightly. Alex moved a little and found some condoms in Mark's drawer, while kissing deeply with Mike. Mike was sitting on Alex's thighs. Alex pushed Mike back on the bed and spread his legs wider."Are you fine with this, Mike?" Alex asked."Oh yeah!" Mike said."Would you like to be in a 69 with Matt when Mark lola free pics enters Matt also?" Alex asked."Great idea, yeah!" Mike replied."I won't hurt you, I promise, Mike." Alex said."I'm not worried with you guys," Mike answered."Let's turn around so Mark understands, too, Ok?" Alex said.Mike smiled at Alex and snuggles against him, feeling Alex's throbbing hard penis against his perineum. When Alex felt Mike was ready, he handed him a condom for him to roll on Alex's penis. "What are those things on them?" Mike asked, curious."You'll find out why soon enough," said Alex, smiling at Mike. Mike roll down the condom and then placed himself on the bed so that Matt could have room with Mark, too. Mike thought to himself, "These guys take care of their bodies. It shows a lot with their muscles, because of them being part of their school swimming teams."Mark, who was kissing and now playing with two fingers inside Matt, saw his cousin Alex and Mike place themselves. He asked Matt, "You should lay on your side facing Mike in the 69 position, Ok? I will enter you slowly, I promise." "You better, how big is it?" Matt asked. "I'm a little bit over 9 inches," Mark replied. "Ok, I trust you then," Matt said, eyeing Mark hard penis. The fact incest lola free that Mark was hairless displayed his large penis to it's full size. Mark handed a condom to Matt for him to roll down on Mark's penis and Matt did, looking curiously at it."What are those for? Looks weird to me," Matt said. "These are parts of the condoms and they are designed to give you more pleasure inside. You'll find out soon enough how they work," said Mark, smiling tenderly at Matt. "Don't worry Matt, you are going to be just fine," Mark said smiling.Matt smiled back and placed himself, facing Mike's hard penis and saw some pre-cum leaking from it. He guessed his own penis was leaking, too. He took Mike's penis in his hand and start to roll his tongue all around the sensitive head. He felt Mike doing the same thing to his own. He felt Mark applied some more lubricant gel and he saw Alex fingers doing the same to Mike's ass hole in front of him.He noticed that Alex was smaller than Mark's penis was. Alex is just a little bit over 7 inches, he guessed. Alex's penis has a slight curve, which looked to bend toward lola art tgp his tummy. He then saw Alex's hand place the head of his penis at Mike's ass rings and felt Mike's penis shudder against his tongue. He placed his hands behind Alex buns, pushing himself slowly inside Mike's ass hole.Matt then felt pressure applied to his own ass hole, and he took a deep breath, trying to relax his muscles. He then felt the head start to get inside of him. He felt more pressure and then it stopped. He was pushing Alex with his hands on his buns inside of Mike slowly. Mark took Matt's earlobe in his mouth and played with it, diverting Matt's mind off of his slowly invading penis inside of him. He moaned softly while sucking Mike's penis. He then felt Mark's head had gone fully inside and saw that Mike had at least two inches of Alex's penis in him. This whole scene was driving Matt wild with passion.Mark stopped to let Matt adjust to the size of his penis, Mike was moaning and sucking on Matt's hard penis as he witnessed Mark's long penis entering his lover's ass hole. Mark pushed a little more and felt his penis enter Matt's tight ass hole. Mike wondered if Matt could take all of it. He illegal lolas knew he want to take Mark inside of him before the night was over.Mike placed his hands on Matt's buns and opened them wider so Mark's penis would go deeper. In doing so, Mark's penis entered another two inches inside of Matt, which send Matt moaning, and gasping for air. Matt opened his mouth and took all of Mike's penis as deep in his throat he could. Matt was surprised by the sudden intrusion and his hand pulled Alex's buns, which sent his penis further inside Mike. He was surprised to see almost all of Alex's penis inside of Mike.Mike, who realized what had happened, did the same thing to Matt. Mark, who was letting Matt relax, felt Mike's hands open Matt's buns and he pushed a little more lola porn inside of Matt. He felt more of his penis go inside Matt's tight ass hole. Matt saw all of Alex's penis inside Mike and felt Mark's go in further inside of him. Mike saw at least 5 inches were inside of Matt and then he felt Matt start to suck and run his tongue all over his penis. Mike felt the swelling of Matt's penis in his 3d lola sex mouth and start sucking and rolling his tongue all around it.Mike felt the head of Alex's penis touch his prostate and moaned loudly around Matt's penis. Alex was running his hands between his and Matt's bodies and Mike felt his nipples been played with. Mike took hold of Matt's buns once more and opened them wider and then saw Mark's penis sink deeply in Matt's ass sweet lola nude lola thumbs hole. Mark moaned loudly in Matt's ear and Matt felt all of it deeply inside.Alex was slowly going in and out of Mike's tight ass hole and Mark was starting the same with Matt. Alex's penis was sending Mike insane with lust. Every time Alex entered him, the head of his penis would glide along his prostate. The same was true on the way out, sending him to the brink of orgasm.Mark took hold of Matt's small waist and started ped lola porn going a little faster and deeper, trying to find Matt's prostate. When he did, Matt's shivers made him aware of where to please Matt even more.Mark wraps his arms around the four of them and was pushing Alex inside of Mike Lola sex deeper and faster. Mike and Matt were sucking faster and they both were giving each other a lot free movies porno lolas of pre-cum. They were tasting the other continuously. Matt and Mike trying to take the other one deeper in their respective throat. 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Mike asked, looking up to Mark."Sure we can. Are you tired already? The night is still young," Mark said laughing."True, but not right away. We need to rest a little," Matt said.They switch positions and they ended up all tangled together, looking up at the stars and smelling the scents emanating from the flowers gardens below.Later that night Mike and Mark paired together and Alex and Matt did the same, too. They made love again, and this time, they felt asleep, tightly wrapped in each other arms, naked in full sight of the stars and moonlight.Comments can be sent to
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